Ron and Tharsis Ortiz – A wedding of so many levels!

From Elegant to Latin-Flavor to Old School Freestyle to Rave to Crunk to CRAZY party.. in ONE NIGHT! WOW!

I must preface my overall gig log with the following statement: The Bella Collina in Clermont is HANDS-DOWN the most BEAUTIFUL place I’ve EVER been to. Designed with tribute to Tuscany and reminiscent of  many Italian heritages, this venue is a MUST-SEE!

Ron and Tharsis are an awesome couple, and I knew this right away after our sales consult. They knew exactly what they wanted and left me in control of the day to achieve their vision. The only thing I couldn’t stop was the rain, which didn’t allow for the BEAUTIFUL field to be used. It wasn’t a worry because the backup location, the lobby (with a beautiful fountain and scenic overlook), looked just as amazing.

Bella Collina Montverde Clermont Wedding DJ

The overall party was off the chain, that’s the only way I can describe it. We only had 45 minutes of dance time, but we crammed almost 2 hours worth of music in, thanks to some tight mixing, bumpers, and quick cuts. At the end, the family brought out a sound system, several instruments, and played Paranda music. The party did not end when the DJ left– that is a TRUE Latino family!

I had SUCH a great time and Ron and Tharsis treated Monica and I like family.. actually, their whole family did! Check out the AMAZING photos (second part also taken by wifey) and video below! Video shows lots of the mixing, of course!

Watch in HD!

Author: Arnoldo Offermann

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  1. We just have to say that Arnoldo met all of our needs and requests, and then some!! Beyond our expectations. He is an amazing person personally and as a DJ to work with. He has such a variety and knowledge of music, and is very passionate about his career. His organizational/MC skills are superb as well. He has a wonderful partner, Monica, aka Wifey 🙂 who was awesome in working the room and taking some beautiful pictures and video. Truly a dynamic duo. We had such a great time, that we are already trying to come up with an excuse to have a party and have Arnoldo be our DJ. Thank you Arnoldo and Monica for being such a great addition to our wedding!! Hope to see you all at the next one… (Remember, I have a big family, someone is bound to get married soon. lol)

  2. Hey boy cousin and girl cousin in-law :-)(family joke)…loved the video!! I am sorry I was not able to make it. I see I missed quite a celebration…I would have been done on the floor booging…Do we still say that??? :-D…How fun!!! The music was the best…loved it all!!! Well, wishing you both a life full of happiness!!


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