Sharlene and Augy Rodriguez

Posted on May 2, 2012

I tagged along with Charles Casiano to the Don Vicente in Ybor, Tampa, to get some video footage of him for our main site: My Dream Reception. He suggested a tag-team DJ combo which was a lot of fun!

The Don Vicente is a beautiful location that really shows the historic side of Ybor. Charles took care of handling the ceremony in the main room and set up a cocktail hour system downstairs. Rumors say this place is haunted and people see ghosts all the time… yeah, basement.. great idea. :) (You can, without a shadow of a doubt, tell this place used to be a speakeasy.)

The reception room is diveded into dining and dancing areas, but sound easily went from one room to another. The Don Vicente has a VERY unique layout– if you want an unforgettable place for your wedding, this is a MUST SEE!

We adorned the dance hall area with LED flood lights and stars across the ceiling!

As usual, Charles rocked it Spanglish style mixing a bit of American and Latin music. Check out the pics and video below!

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Red Solo Cups at Erin and Seth’s Wedding Reception!

Posted on Feb 19, 2012

Erin and Seth have been to a couple of weddings we’ve done and wanted their wedding to have a similar vibe. Hosted at the beautiful Lakeland Yacht and Country Club, they wanted an elegant light show that will enhance the venue but also turn it into an inviting dance atmosphere. Uplighting and stars on the ceiling (including blue stars) gave a whole new new look to the Yacht Club while the dance floor lighting flooded the room with vibrant colors.

We used our scanning lights to create a spotlight dance and highlight the head and cake tables for the toast and cake cutting.

Check out some of the great pics and video below!


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Sean and Jennifer’s Stunning Wedding Reception!

Posted on Dec 29, 2011

I gotta admit, this was a wicked cool wedding. Sean and Jennifer are an awesome couple who love to have fun and wanted to have a wedding celebration that reflects just that. With a very diverse playlist (Soulja Boy to Steve Earl), they were open to all ideas I had for them.

The Huntington Hills Golf & Country Club (Northside Lakeland) looked beautiful thanks to swags and drapes by Flowers by Marilyn. Our lighting d├ęcor also gave the perfect touch. Both Sean and Jennifer were awed by how beautiful the room looked!

Package chosen:
*Entertainment Coordinator
*Ceremony System
*Dance Under Stars
*Dance Lighting
*Full room uplighting
*Under-table lighting
*Pinspot Lighting (to highlight the cake cutting)

See the awesome pics and video below! Thanks to Tim Hicklin from Storybook Weddings for encouraging my wife to piggyback the camera behind his so we can take advantage of his camera light!


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Edward and Stephanie’s Aquatic Wedding Reception! (NOW WITH PENGUINS!)

Posted on Dec 28, 2011

I adore penguins.

No other way to say it. I think these lil’ guys are the coolest creatures ever. I’ve no idea why…. but I want a penguin bad enough that I’d sell a lung to get one. Even though we were still wrapping up homecoming season, when Edward and Stephanie said “oh yeah, there’s going to be penguins at our event,” I just had to be there.

Glad I did, too, because these two (the couple, not the penguins) were the coolest, most chill people ever. They just wanted a stress-free wedding where they could enjoy the company of their loved ones, have a good meal while enjoying some awesome 90’s alternative, and dance to an eclectic mix of music.

Tampa St. Pete Wedding DJs

All this while enjoying the enchanting sights the Florida Aquarium has to offer. I’m not going to lie, load in SUCKED as I had to walk a long way, but the amazing staff did everything they could to make this as super comfortable as they could. This was my first time there, and they treated me like family.

Edward and Stephanie also treated me like one of their guests and let Carlos and I have just as much as fun as they did.

Truly, it’s an experience I won’t forget. I always tell each one of my couples to find an element that turns your wedding day into an EXPERIENCE…. and that night was a huge #WINNING in my book!

Pics and video below!


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Courtney and Cameron’s “Pantsoff” Reception!

Posted on Jul 18, 2011

Cameron and Courtney are one fun couple– and their guests proved to be in the same mindset. The wedding started off with a lot of energy and ended just as upbeat.

The ceremony worried Sagar and I, as the weather pulled through and was clear (and overcast, yay) just long enough for the ceremony and photos to occur. Luckily, the storms ended about 30 minutes before the ceremony began. *whew*

The reception itself was a blast, as I got to play quite a few songs that are on my personal favorites list, including Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me.” Their first dance, Lady A’s I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, is also one of my favorite songs. Check out the video to see more!

We did the blindfold bait ‘n’switch garter replacement, per their request (these are always fun), but no one expected the switchee’s pants to come off– LOL!

DJ in Lakeland Hollis Gardens Magnolia Wedding

The Magnolia building was well lit with our standard light show and also adorned with our laser starfield. Check out the photos and video clip below!


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