Seminole’s “90s” 2014 Homecoming (Sanford)

Posted on Nov 25, 2014

Seminole 2014 Homecoming (Sanford)-75

Seminole REALLY kicked up the energy at our last homecoming of the season! Their 90s theme was one of my favorites and the students had more energy than I’ve ever seen at their school before!

Check out Seminole’s homecoming photogs below plua a re-cap video!

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Hagerty’s Coast To Coast 2014 Homecoming

Posted on Nov 23, 2014

Hagerty 2014 Homecoming - Reggie Pics-31

Hagerty was too turnt up! Both dance floors (DJ Syntrix was handling the 2nd floor) were packed and had non-stop dancing. The design matched exactly what the students wanted and the photobooth was a perfect hit. This has been a good year between 4SchoolsOnly and Seminole County as we do more schools in the county than any other company!

Check out the photos and video below!

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Oviedo’s 2014 Disney Homecoming

Posted on Nov 4, 2014

Oviedo’s 2014 Disney Homecoming

zOviedo 2014 Homecoming Reggie Pics-26

DJ D Lyfe and I pretty much KILLED IT at Oviedo’s homecoming. Two dance floors held over 1300 students who danced non-stop at this amazing Disney-themed dance. Fireworks, a castle projection, lasers, lighting, and good music created a homecoming like never before… not two mention we brought out not one, but two Snap Yourself Silly! Photobooths!!!

See the photos and videos below!

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Umatilla’s 2014 U-GLOW Homecoming!

Posted on Nov 3, 2014

Umatilla's 2014 Homecoming-22

WOW! Umatilla really rocked out tonight! After a crazy-awesome homecoming-preview a few days before, I knew Umatilla would really appreciate their homecoming dance thanks to the numerous Tweets in anticipation thereof.

As soon as the pep rally ended, Monica, Reggie, and I went straight to work. The game was about to start and the dance would follow right after. Umatilla’s most impressive light-show was soon up alongside our Snap Yourself Silly! Photobooth. The students poured in and the party was a pure 100 from the get-go! With all the excitement that built-up, we know prom will be a wild success; UHS sold more tickets than last year!

Photos and videos from Lakeland Photographer, Shot By Mookie, below!

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Lake Nona’s 2014 Homecoming

Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Lake Nona 2014 Homecoming-80

Lake Nona 2014 Homecoming-5

This was one heck of a setup. We had to set the truss up and take it down 2-3 times before we were happy with the final look. Overall, it was TOTALLY worth it: LOTS of lighting, big video screens, LED panels running KlingNet (fancy word for an LED pixel-control protocol) and of course a photobooth, and Lake Nona was ready to rock! As usual, Nona didn’t disappoint with the energy as they kept going non-stop all night!

Check out the amazing photos by Lakeland Photographer, and our lighting designer, my beautiful wife, Monica Offermann of Shot By Mookie; and see some videos below, too!

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