Olympia’s Black & White Senior Dance!

Posted on Mar 5, 2014

schools  Olympias Black & White Senior Dance!

Orlando-based Olympia High School throws a dance for the seniors. This year’s Black & White Ball was awesome as I got to bring out 130′ of Pipe and Drape, laser graphics, and an awesome light show to fill up their cafeteria.

Students quickly poured in and blasted the room with energy– see the pics and video below!

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My last 2013 Homecoming tour stop: Lyman High School!

Posted on Dec 3, 2013

My 2013 Homecoming Tour ends with Lyman High School– and what a finalé it was! The theme was Haunted Masquerade and Lyman pulled out everything it had:

  • 2 DJs (one inside and one outside)
  • Lasers and Laser Graphics on walls
  • Their biggest light show yet
  • Photobooth
  • Pipe and Drape
  • Black lights and UV Bubbles
  • Dry Ice on King & Queen entrance

schools  My last 2013 Homecoming tour stop: Lyman High School!

Their homecoming theme came to life as giant spiders crawled around the room thanks to our awesome full-color laser projectors. The energy went through the roof– you HAVE to see the pics and videos below! Thanks to Monica, our lighting tech and owner of Shot By Mookie, for the amazing images!

Thanks Lyman, for reminding us why schools choose 4SchoolsOnly to Rock with the Best!


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FASP 2013 Halloween Party!

Posted on Dec 3, 2013

FASP (Florida Association of School Psychologists) held their after-conference party on Halloween. Though it was a Halloween-party, it wasn’t a Halloween theme. Instead, they wanted it to feel like a club: lots of fun lighting, color-changing centerpieces (we provided the ones sync’d to sound) and of course: LASERS. Party People Celebration Co provided awesome balloon / LED centerpieces which picked up our black lights and added to the overall feel of the room!

corporate  FASP 2013 Halloween Party!

This was a fun group- non-stop dancing and lots of requests; and as always, the staff at the Omni Championsgate couldn’t have been better! Check out the pics and video below!

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Orlando Ocoee DJ Homecoming Photobooth

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

Ocoee High always goes above and beyond on their themes. This year, they created a “Knight in Neverland” that capture all the awesome elements of Peter Pan.

schools  Orlando Ocoee DJ Homecoming Photobooth

schools  Orlando Ocoee DJ Homecoming Photobooth

Setup was crazy, as I had to park our huge truck in the smallest of spaces thanks to new fencing. Ocoee’s SGA quickly came to our rescue and helped us unload to help us catch up on time– they rock! Luckily, I had a minute to scare the crap out of our tech, Derek, by making a tribute to #BatDad.

Once done, we quickly struck up our new pipe and drape, which looked 10000x better than the stuff we used in the years prior. Rather than using a GOBO for a projection, we had the students make some cardboard cutouts that we lit up from behind to create a beautiful silhouette. To me, that was the highlight of the evening! We also had a fairy fly around the gym all night while the video screens projected random clips/images from Peter Pan. Our Snap Yourself Silly! photobooth was a big hit as the lines didn’t slow down at all the entire night!

Check out the pics and videos below!

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Mount Dora’s NEON NIGHTS homecoming!

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

schools  Mount Doras NEON NIGHTS homecoming!

Mount Dora decided that they were going to do it BIG this year… and they wanted to rock with the best. We transformed their homecoming into Neon Nights as their gym turned into something they student body has never experienced before. Black lights, UV bubbles, lasers, a stellar light show, and of course yours truly on the decks.

schools  Mount Doras NEON NIGHTS homecoming!

In the lobby, we transformed the hallway with some stunning pipe and drape with vivid colors slowly changing behind it. As students walk in, the bass rumbled the trophies that adorned the walls behind the pipe and drape.

schools  Mount Doras NEON NIGHTS homecoming!

The crowd was amazing AND very appreciative of the best homecoming Mount Dora has ever seen! The SGA advisor, Mr. Betancourt, and SGA truly outdid themselves! Pics and video below!

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