Paul and Christina’s NY Reception!

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

Christina and Paul Valdes-3

Paul and Christina are a great couple who just wanted to party!! They hosted their beautiful reception at the Safety Harbor Resort in Tampa, FL. The ballroom was pretty enough by itself, but the uplighting we brought in on the columns around the dance floor plus the monogram made the room uniquely theirs. Add in a stylish dance floor wash and they had the perfect ambience that they had in mind!

Their guests were great, and we all cut up quite a few jokes… they made Kelly and I feel like family… love it! Plus, Paul and Christina are one of the most appreciative couples we’ve met, and that’s the best type of client in the world! Pics and videos below!

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WOHS 2012 Prom

Posted on May 2, 2012

I always get administrators up on stage dancing a bit, but these guys really rock out– they dance as much as the students and have fun with every song I play. Mix that with the energy I get from the students and you can see why I love performing for this school!

I was stressed out, can’t lie. 4SchoolsOnly had it’s busiest weekend ever. Luckily, I was (once again) at the amazing Dolphin hotel where Lindsey made it SUPER-EASY for me to get work done and stress less about this event. Not to mention that the school admin is so easy to work with I was prepared for this one since last year!

Their theme was… wait for it… Midnight Masquerade in VENICE (see a pattern here?) and they did a great job decorating, especially outside. (No, I didn’t get pics of that and I wish I had.)

You gotta see the amazing photos (wife took most of them) and video below!

DJ and MC: Arnoldo Offermann
Lighting Design and media captures: Monica Offermann
Lighting Tech: Amanda Dennis
Setup Crew and dance motivator: Brandon Franklin
Setup Crew and live video tech: Justin Hillery


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Red Solo Cups at Erin and Seth’s Wedding Reception!

Posted on Feb 19, 2012

Erin and Seth have been to a couple of weddings we’ve done and wanted their wedding to have a similar vibe. Hosted at the beautiful Lakeland Yacht and Country Club, they wanted an elegant light show that will enhance the venue but also turn it into an inviting dance atmosphere. Uplighting and stars on the ceiling (including blue stars) gave a whole new new look to the Yacht Club while the dance floor lighting flooded the room with vibrant colors.

We used our scanning lights to create a spotlight dance and highlight the head and cake tables for the toast and cake cutting.

Check out some of the great pics and video below!


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Seminole High School’s Winter Formal

Posted on Dec 28, 2011

DJ Woody and the rest of the 4SO Crew ROCKED Seminole’s homecoming, and they wanted the action to keep going at their Winter Dance. We brought out a smaller version of their Showstopper package, appropriately called the Showstopper MINI, which was perfect for the 400 person crowd.

The students designed and created the d├ęcor and did a GREAT job with it. It was all accented nicely with out lighting, too! My wife, Monica (our lead tech) had a blast creating a fun lighting display that would work despite not being able to use haze at the gym.

Pics and video below!


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Mitchell High Homecoming – THREE GIANT VIDEO SCREENS

Posted on Dec 11, 2011


Those are the measurements of the screens and the truss rig. Needless to say, it was huge! They chose a circus theme this year and wanted it to be very visual. As students walked in, images and videos of the circus scrolled through the video screens as a spotlight (up over 25′ in the air) highlighted anything exciting going on in the dance floor.

Unfortunately, no haze is allowed in Pasco County Gym (yet) due to the alarms and air conditioners being tied together. Props to John Caniford for the Catwalk stage idea– EVERYONE LOVED IT!

Per request, here’s the package name and team roster:

Package: ShowStopper TripleDecker
Arnoldo Offermann: DJ/MC & Crew Chief
Monica Offermann: Media Specialist, Lighting Designer, Senior Tech
Derek Rosenberg: Tech, Lighting Operator
Brandon Franklin: Roadie, Dance Hypeman
Patrick Sullivan: Roadie, Photobooth Operator

Check out the amazing photos and video below!


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