Monica’s 30th Birthday Smashed– err, Bash!

So we invited about 100 RSVP’d people… and 50 showed up… that means 50% of our friends suck (actually 40, since a few had a VALID excuse for not being able to show up last minute). However, this also means we have 50 amazing friends (some who drove from almost 4 hours away) to have a blast with us!

The setup was incredible… LED floods, blacklights, lasers, and awesome centerpiece effects coupled with MASSIVE sound that shakes the place, and the party took off quickly.

A private performance from my good friend Thrill da Playa took the party to a whole new level. Thrill da Playa isthe frontman for the 69 Boyz (Tootsee Roll, Kitty Kitty, and many others) and producer of MANY platinum hits (The Train, Space Jam Theme, Whoot! There It Is, etc).

Check out the photos (courtesy of Alex Gilliard Photography) and video below!! A special thanks to It’s a Piece of Cake by Maggi for the DELICIOUS cupcakes and Joette with Party People Celebration for the AWESOME centerpieces!

Most importantly, thanks to everyone who came!!!!

17 Monica's 30th Bday Bash

17 Monica's 30th Bday Bash HD Clips

Author: Arnoldo Offermann

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